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Sunday, January 13, 2013


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  1. Hi my name is Timothy Christou I live in Hamilton Ontario in Canada my address is 55 Sherman South Hamilton Ontario L8M 2P6, room #10

    here is a link below of my home on google Maps,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45580626,d.dmQ&biw=1280&bih=885&q=55+sherman+south+hamilton&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x882c9be5a5caf0bf:0x67387aaf9c59e219,55+Sherman+Ave+S,+Hamilton,+ON+L8M+2P6&gl=ca&sa=X&ei=QuN2UcKKNqrp0AG2rICoBw&ved=0CC4Q8gEwAA

    I need some help free (distant healing) (shamanism) from The divine mother Maha Kali,Maha Lakshmi,Maha Saraswati,Ma Amba Lalita Devi Jai Maa. because my Chakras are scalped from my body my soul or spirit was removed and I am not well in my brain I cannot sleep without anti psychotic medications, I am asking for personal help from Divine Mother is it possible that she can visit me in astral or spiritual form and fix some of my problems here are all the details below

    1. (Penis)corpus cavernosum was damaged while having sex

    2.I was possesed by an archon demon similar to megatron and recieved brain damage the demons name was robotor this is the being on youtube watch video for more --->!

    3. Chi/Qi disorder Blocked or damaged Qi flow

    4. Chakras are removed from my body and my organs souls are not souled (Chakra problem and Qi problem)

    5. Breathing Problem not able to breathe air (lungs and heart are not souled)

    Read my whole story below Please Tell Divine Mother and gods and goddesses for me

    Hi, my name is Timothy Christou , I am not in a good place In my life and I am worried that I will die young and not live a proper life, I really need some prayer I am so disabled that I cannot pray in my mind or outloud I really am at wits end my so called girl friend Krystal Stasivk turned into a prostitute because she is addicted to crack and cocaine I lost my brother Isaac Christou, he commited suicide hanged himself. My parents dont give a shit about me at all, they dont care at all. I can barely move around because I have no soul or spirit but am still alive, I am at wits end , I really need help from God and I pray but noone heres my prayers, please find the solution or remedy

    this is my story again below, you know if Jesus or God is real isnt there something that can be done, I mean everyone around me is living normal lives while i am not living at all

    The girl Krystal Stasivk is in need as well she is lost and needs the true creator just as much as I do , please pray or find a shaman or something If you can prayer to Jesus please do so.

    Two Videos on youtube watch here ----->

    Truth is I am not well and need help physically Mentally and Spiritually, I hope that all of the dieties gods and godesses can help me personally and recreate my chakras brain, body and sex organs so that I can function in society and mabey get a job or have a wife please tell them personally about me and they could visit me in astral or spirit form or for real!